Super Learning Hypnotic Perfect Memory Training

 Learn anything you want and never forget what you have learned!

Learn a language in as little as one month!  

Memorize a shop manual!  

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Who is the Super Learning Hypnotic Perfect Memory Training for?

The training is for you if you want the ability to learn more, faster, and with greater recall.  Examples include doctors, lawyers, consultants, business executives, educators, researchers, students, and anyone else that simply enjoys learning.

What is Super Learning Hypnotic Perfect Memory Training?

The Super Learning Hypnotic Perfect Memory Training is a three day hypnosis training that organizes how you think and store information so that learning is very fast and recall is instant. Your three day training uses hypnosis so that all the learning takes place on a subconscious level without you having to consciously trying to learn it. All you’ll need to do is recognize that the information has some value to you and your subconscious mind will learn it!

Where did the Super Learning Hypnotic Memory Training System come from?jeffBW2-e1343445297229

The system wa originally developed as the "Learning Place" by the late Jeffrey Stephens (1959-2014).  Jeff was internationally known as one of the best aat direct authoritative hypnosis.  He believed that the brain could be re-trained to learn more efficiently and to recall information more effectively.  After extensive research he began putting students through the program.  Jeff trained about 30 people in this method.  He determined that 3 days of training was required to get optimum results.  What were some of the results?  Learning a language in a month, memorizing a shop manual, and becoming conversational in Spanish in just 5 hours!  Jeff stopped teaching the method but did pass his method on to one person, David Barron.  My thanks to David for wanting to ensure that Jeff's work would not be lost and encouraging me to be one to help carry Jeff's work forward.

How does Super Learning Hypnotic Perfect Memory Training work?

tile purple-214364As we grow we develop our own methods for learning and recalling what we’ve learned. The problem is that these methods are haphazard at best. Memory also has a tendency to be dependent upon our environment. For example, a college student studies alone, at night with a deck lamp but he must recall the information in a completely different setting; a crowded and brightly lit auditorium at 9am. The student is now challenged to recall the information in a completely different setting than when it was learned.

The Super Learning Hypnotic Perfect Memory Training creates the "Learning Place" a place within your mind where learning and recall happen independently of where you are or what you are doing. Over the three day training your mind becomes so skilled at learning and recall that the process becomes subconscious, meaning you don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to go into hypnosis or think “Learn this!”. It happen instantly at a subconscious level.

Why is hypnosis necessary?awareness-1052371

Hypnosis is the fastest and most direct way to access and change the subconscious mind. When a change happens at that level you don’t have to think about making something happen. The new behaviour just happens as it was instructed to happen. It will even happen without you being aware of it.

How much will I be in hypnosis?

A Lot! Super Learning Hypnotic Perfect Memory Training is best described as an immersive experience. You will be completely involved, in and out of hypnosis, with the goal of training your mind to rapidly process what you are learning. The construction of “The Learning Place” takes some time and is created in small steps while in hypnosis. Each step is measured and tested before moving forward. There will be a lot of hypnosis and a lot of non-hypnosis tests and exercises. Most people report that the training flies by.

Why Isn’t there a course I can download?

Remember the hypnotist is with you during The Learning Place training to make sure you successfully accomplish each step of the training. The hypnotist keeps into account that people are different and must adapt to the students unique of responding to the instructions. A downloadable course can’t do that.

What is the cost?

This program is only available to 20 clients per year.  Before you pay you must qualify to attend. All attendees of the Super Learning Hypnotic Perfect Memory Training must first be qualified through a consultation before payment is accepted. Qualified attendees must understand their responsibilities and demonstrate a sincere interest in this skill. Costs will be addressed once you are accepted as client. All payments must be made prior to the beginning of the training. Cash, check, debit or credit cards are accepted. No refunds are allowed. You are responsible to show up and participate as you’re instructed. Your results will depend directly on you full participation.

wall-837313_1920Where are the trainings held?

All trainings are currently being held in San Antonio, Texas.  You will need to arrange travel and lodging at your expense.  Training may take place at your location for additional cost.

What will I have to do to sign up?

Enrollment is limited to 20 students per year (2 per month January through October).  Send us an email using the form below and express your interest. You’ll be contacted and a qualifying interview will be scheduled. During the training you’ll be asked to bring three things you want to learn along with the related learning material, books, Cds. DVDs, audios, etc.. This is a good time to think about what you’d like to bring for your "Learning Place".