Performing Arts

Hypnosis in the arts isn’t new. Sometimes under the name of Guided Imagery which is essentially hypnosis lite. In fact it is a common tool used by hypno-mentors around the globe, often in the form of positive visualizations.   

Performing Ensemble

Hypnosis was used by…

VocalistSylvester Stallone (actor) – worked with a hypnotist while filming Rocky in 1975.

You might have a coach for your chosen art that trains you physically; technique, form and all sorts of other physical aspect of your field. But do you have a mental coach or mentor? That person who helps you overcome the mental hurdles, who helps you get into the right mindset when it’s time to focus?

Performer with GuitarYou can:

  • perform perfect practice/rehearsal, perfect specific techniques,
  • properly Visualize yourself performing perfectly,
  • increase focus and concentration,
  • increase memory
  • eliminate mental errors, nerves and butterflies, overcome fear,
  • always be at the right stress levels for optimum performance,
  • fine tune physical skills, acquire the skills of a “role model”,
  • develop your abilities faster,
  • undo past negative programming
  • manage pain and rehabilitate faster,
  • always perform at your best!