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Albert Einstein (1879-1955) physicist – was known to have his hypnosis sessions every afternoon. His theory of relativity came to him during one of these sessions. He also used trance states to develop his ideas.

In “Hypnotherapy and test anxiety: Two cognitive-behavioral constructs. The effects of hypnosis in reducing test anxiety and improving academic achievement in college students” M. Sapp evaluated the effects of hypnosis in improving academic performance and decreasing test anxiety. The hypnosis group reported a significant reduction in test anxiety and improvement in academic achievement.

Learning Students

Perfect the practices of learning, memory enhancement, retention, studying and test taking to ensure your academic success.

Our Success in Learning Program will…

  • increase focus and concentration
  • create a learning space
  • Learn to perform a “Week in Review”
  • improve memory and recall
  • increase test scores
  • eliminate mental errors, nerves and butterflies, overcome fear of testing
  • always be in the right mindset for optimum performance
  • undo past negative programming

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