Mastering Weight Loss

Automatic, Rapid & Lasting Weight Loss For Busy Mother’s Who Have Failed At Losing Weight Every Other Way…

From: Roland Berg
Dear Reader,

If you’re a busy mother looking for a way to safely, naturally and rapidly give you your ideal body weight… and do so in a way that the weight stays off for good… then the program described below is for you.The program is called:

Mastering Weight Loss

It’s based on a synergistic approach to weight loss that always works … even if everything else you have tried has failed.Let me ask you:

  • Would it be fair to say that as you’re investigating this page – you’ve probably tried other ways to lose weight? 
  • And would it also be fair to say that since you’re investigating this page, you’ve probably been unable to keep the weight off and maintain your ideal body weight ?
  • Do you know why that is ?

Actually, the answer has almost nothing to do with the things you’ve tried before. Truth is, the main reason you’ve not been able to lose weight (or keep the weight off) is because…

You Still Have Habits Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

And as long as you continue to live out those sabotaging habits – you’ll remain overweight (or quickly pile back on any pounds you’ve been able to lose).It doesn’t matter what diet or weight loss plan you try, either. Nothing (absolutely nothing) will give you the long-term weight loss results you want until and unless you have…

The Ingrained Habits That “Match” Your Ideal Body Weight

Through the safe and proven intervention of precision hypnosis – (and by changing your unwanted behaviors, feelings and responses around food and activity) — it gives you the mindset and ingrained habits that “match” your ideal body weight.

For example:

If you are, say, currently 220 lbs and you’d ideally like to be 180 lbs – it’s critical (before you make any “external” changes in your diet or activity level) to develop the mindset and habits of somebody who is naturally 180 lbs.This “inside-out-approach” – that changes your driver-habits and unconscious responses around eating and physical activity — is the ONLY way to guarantee automatic, rapid and lasting weight loss. Plus, this “inside-out-approach” does not require you to make drastic or major changes in your day-to-day lifestyle.In fact, when you follow the Mastering Weight Loss Program (unless you decide to tell somebody)…

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The Mastering Weight Loss Program consists of 6 Sessions designed to change your life forever!

  • Session 1:  Changes your internal “set point” (The weight your body naturally tries to maintain)
  • Session 2 : Changes your relationship to food
  • Session 3: Diffuses your emotional triggers
  • Session 4: Installs a new pattern of healthy eating into your unconscious minf
  • Session 5: Reconnects you with your innate energy and vitality
  • Session 6: Session 6 is all about reinforcing all the other sessions (components) of the Mastering Weight Loss Program. Even more than that, it’s about creating (through the power of precision-hypnosis) a future “road-map” for your unconscious to follow

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 All together, the 6 sessions that make up the Mastering Weight Loss Program…

Change You From The “Inside-Out” So You Automatically Do The Right Things To Lose The Right Amount Of Weight For You.

And here’s what’s going to happen to you very soon (in just a few weeks from today): You are not going be able to help looking at yourself in the mirror (probably every 20-minutes or so) thinking to yourself: “Wow, I never knew I could be lose so much weight and look so slim so fast.” But your reflection in the mirror will be proof that you can.

See, as I’ve said, with the synergistic approach of the 6 precision-hypnosis sessions that make up the Mastering Weight Loss Program…

Your Unconscious Will Gently Guide You Into Doing All The Right Things To Lose Weight.

Meaning you’ll just naturally feel right and good about the doing the things that will result in excess weight dropping off your body.

Instead, with the Mastering Weight Loss Program you are given the freedom to make better life choices for yourself around food, health and exercise. Nothing is taken away from you. Only new ways of feeling pleasure are opened up for you to experience.

And here’s the really neat thing: All the “inside-out” changes you make to your thoughts, feelings, behavior patterns and habits around food, health and exercise will stay with you forever.

Therefore, you’ll continue to instinctively want to “do” all the things that keep you at your ideal body weight well into the future.

You won’t pile the pounds back on (like you inevitably do in all other weight loss and diet programs).

Your weight won’t “yo-yo” like it does on most enforced diets. Nor will you ever feel like you are living less than a full and fun-filled life. That’s why the Mastering Weight Loss Program is the last ever thing you’ll have to take to deal with your weight.

It’s even guaranteed for your lifetime:

Lifetime Relapse Guarantee:

If you ever relapse into bad habits after completing the Mastering Weight Loss Program you can return for a free “top-up” session. This way the 6 areas of the program are “reactivated” in your unconscious mind. The relapse sessions take place once a month (in a group setting) – and you can take as many “top-up” sessions as you want / need for as long as I continue this business.

Now I don’t want you to make a choice to sign-up to the Mastering Weight Loss Program until you are certain that it’s the right choice for you.

I guess you would need to consider how much money, time, frustration and knocks to your self-esteem the Mastering Weight Loss Program will save you. And I guess you’d have to feel comfortable knowing that in 8-9 weeks from today you’ll be looking in your mirror and seeing your new slimmed down body.

Only you can know if a “new body” at your ideal body weight (without will-power, discipline or restrictions on your life) is worth it to you. All I know is when in 8 to 9-weeks from today and you’re looking back to today thinking how much weight you’ve lost and how good you feel about yourself you’ll come to realize the one-time investment to do the Mastering Weight Loss Program and have your new body will seem a long distance memory.

So, if losing weight (and keeping it off) is important to you… if you like the idea of being at your ideal body weight… and can’t wait to start receiving compliments on the “new you” — then you can secure your place on the Mastering Weight Loss Program by either: Clicking on the “Book Now Button” below to register your place.

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NOTE: Due to word-of-mouth from clients the Mastering Weight Loss Program is often fully booked. So to avoid disappointment it’s best to ring to find out if a slot on the program is still available (or soon will become available).

I hope to have the chance to meet you and work with you soon to help you change your life.


Roland Berg, Master Hypnotist