Challenges Spark Determination

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Challenges spark determination.

Tough times are a part of life. They give me opportunities to test my strengths. Challenges spark determination to remain standing regardless of the circumstances.

In a tightening economy, financial stability is difficult, but I remain undaunted. When my expenses exceed my income, I search for new ways to earn. When I use my natural abilities, opportunities for earning appear before me. I am able to persevere through difficulties because I creatively use my skills.

When relationships are strained, I avoid giving up on them. Important bonds deserve my effort to maintain.

I am determined to set aside my pride in order to be fair to the people I relate to. Being mature during conflict allows a positive outcome in the end. I fight the urge to push my point of view and open myself to another person’s perspective.

Having deadlines at work inspires me to work quickly and smartly. Even when those deadlines seem tight, I am determined to meet them.

I commit to being victorious even when the odds are against me. I know that determination produces favorable results.

Today, I push myself harder when challenges come my way. Being willing to accept and handle them shows that I am brave. I am committed to using that courage to persevere through rough times.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I motivate myself when I am unable to see a way out of a challenge?
2. Where do I find the courage to step in front of an intimidating barrier?
3. In what ways do I build my determination to take on difficulties?

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