The Birth of HypnoMentoring℠

People frequently ask what I do and until now I didn't have a good answer. The work I do, and how I do it, transcends that of the conventional hypnotist, life coach, or business coach. So what do I do?

I'm a HypnoMentor℠!

What is a HypnoMentor℠ and HypnoMentoring℠?

HypnoMentoring℠ is the application of advanced hypnotic principles to the personal or professional development of an individual allowing that individual to find their unique solutions to their unique problems inside themselves.  A HypnoMentor℠ is, of course, one who practices HypnoMentoring℠.  The HypnoMentor℠ may offer suggestions but their ultimate goal is to help you find the answers that you have hidden inside; your answers, not theirs!

But isn't that coaching?

No, it isn't. Coaching is a subset of Mentoring. Coaches have a specific purpose in mind. Coaching focuses on improving performance of a specific skill or task. They tell you what to do and how to do it. 

Mentoring is relationship oriented and focuses on the the affirmation and learning of the individual navigating life. Mentors have no agenda other than to help you in your development; to make you better in whatever way you desire. 

All Mentors are Coaches, NOT all Coaches are Mentors.

Do you need a coach, a mentor, or a HypnoMentor℠?

For more information on the difference between coaching and mentoring check out these resources:

HypnoMentor℠ and HypnoMentoring℠ are Service Marks of Mind Power Consulting, LLC

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